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Albums // Gatherings // Xmas Eve Luncheon Hangouts With MathiausChiam & Gang Dec 2022

By December 23, 2022January 1st, 2023Albums-Events


It was a good 2 years since we have all gotten together for our usual annual XMas Gatherings and we are all just thankful for this opportunity to gather this year, with a new twist of our gift exchange thru playing “Dirty Santa“.

The plots of stealing gifts were random but super hilarious as we all “played” in the name of some “sneaky fun“! Thankfully, somehow we all managed to get a hold of something that we may actually want and use and ended our session off with some fun photo-taking and just embracing the two lovely babies who had graced their presence with us!

Not forgetting that we are also super thankful to our dear Mr. & Mrs. Chiam for organizing this private gathering and giving us such great food to share and opening up new conversations with old and new friends thru the numerous board games we had also managed to play together with! 

Till next time! 😉 – #robertchai #roberryarts #np #xmasxchange #gatherings


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