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Life is Short.

10-Year-Series Throwback.

Hold Close to the People Dear to You.


We only get to live our lives Once. Stop wasting time holding onto silly grudges, arguments and disputes. Leave the baggage of mistakes, regrets and sorrows far behind you. Commemorate the past. Cherish Your Present. Be Optimistic About The Future.. πŸ˜‰

The best thing about memories is making them.



Back in the days when the Basic Model DSLR-Bodies are worth at least S$10,000 and The Best Point-and-Shoot Digital Camera was my 2 Megapixel camera… Photographs were priceless and more cherished than critiqued. Such captured photo moments are times where “Innocent Love” is all around, basked in the company of great friends and new families.

Dating back to 2008, here laid some of my most-well-kept secrets, and photo memories, when my 2 Megapixel Canon camera was already considered ‘GOD-given-gift‘. 

In a time when I had taken so much ‘Selfies / We-fies‘ taken together with so many fun-loving people… These are even times way back when such word(s) weren’t even recognised as the current pop-culture nor found on any sort of dictionaries… These were those once-awesome memories!


We have migrated all our Archived Galleries to one of our Backup Hosting Servers. You can preview the album-galleries listing direct via the following: