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Albums // Events // SMUX Diving & Trekking – Xploring The Southern Islands Oct 2019

By October 12, 2019October 28th, 2022Albums-Events


What a Darn~HOT-Day! Definitely also one of those rare events where I had to wake up at 6:00am to get ready for the trip heading off to Marina South Pier to take a boat to visit the Southern Islands courtesy of the lovely SMUX peeps from the Diving and Trekking Teams! Though heading off with a whole group of strangers, I’m glad for this bunch who were pretty open to having their photos taken and just having fun together despite not knowing one another. 

It was indeed a very hot day but also a great one for photo-taking and I’m glad for the great shots I was able to capture both on my camera and also on the drone! Have a swell of a time and looking forward to more of these wonderful company and visits to hidden gems of natural beauty real soon! Catch ya guys soon & hope you’ll enjoy the snaps! 😉 – #robertchai #roberryarts #capturefusephotography #sgsmu #smu #smux #smuxtrekking #smuxdiving #trekking #diving #trekkers #divers #conservation #singapore #sg #events #gatherings #midtermevent #southernislands

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