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Albums // Gatherings // CNY 2020 SMU starringSMU’10 Gang Gathering Feb 2020

By February 8, 2020January 1st, 2021Albums-Gatherings


Glad we managed to pull off our mass gathering despite the recent health crisis happening all around us, all thanks to our lovely and wonderful host Jeremy! Thank you for opening up your spacious space to us and the potluck was simply the best way to get us all together and sharing recent life stories and moments in our lives with each other!

Thanks to everyone who made time to be available and to “Journey to the East” for this occasion and missing out on those who were unable to be there! Till our next gathering together soon! Take care of your health everyone! 😉 – #roberryarts #gatherings #friends #smu #starringsmu10 #cny2020

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