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Albums // Events // Hua Kee Kelong Trip (华记奎籠海上游) 2019

By June 16, 2019October 28th, 2022Albums-Events


Haven’t been out of my place for a pretty, pretty long while. Took up a side personal project that spanned nearly the last 5-6 months just re-learning coding and all and haven’t had much of a life at all.

All thanks to my Godma Auntie Sandra and the extended family, who made a point to invite me for this random Kelong trip a few months back, and I am thankful for the awesome, fun and friendly experiences I have had during the trip! 😉 My last visit to a Kelong was close to about 15-20 years back. Back then, everything was just raw.

The structure was purely on stilts, there were zero capabilities of the wireless Internet, let alone having any sort of 3G. We slept in conditions without any sort of protection other than the sheet of the blanket we had plus the wooden shelter that covered the Kelong. We can constantly hear the rushing of waves below us, the sea breeze in the middle of nowhere that blew thru the building, as well as the hot basking sun that baked the Kelong with zero sorts of air-conditioning around back then. More importantly, the toilet was just a hole on the floor and everything just goes down to the fishes we fished up. LOL.. And showering was just hauling cold buckets of water over your head. All that changed during this trip.

A total 180-degree change with comfortable lodging, proper toilet facilities, air-conditioning with basic comfortable bedding and in a beautiful nutshell, having 4G Internet at the comforts of our homeland Singapore, as we stayed on this Kelong within the boundaries of the Johor Straits. Overall, had a great disconnect from my laptop, coding and just purely experiencing life as a fisherman, living the simple life, and having the opportunity to use my photography skills without any strings attached.

Thank you for all the Aunties and Uncles who were there to take care of me, as well as the adorable kids who welcomed me with their fun and company on this little island experience of ours! Hope that we hang out again sometime in the near future! Till next time! Hope you all will enjoy some of the snippets I have taken on this trip! 😉 – #robertchai #roberryarts #gatherings #kelongtrip #HuaKeeKelongTrip2019 #华记奎籠海上游

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