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Gatherings // Finally Gathering With SMU Emergenetics Friends At Rodney’s Nov 2020

By November 6, 2020January 1st, 2021Albums-Gatherings


Finally having some loving-gathering with this chatty and loving bunch of SMU peeps of whom we have unexpectedly known each other by chance just 2-3 years back.

It is a thankful gathering that we finally managed to make happen after the influx of CoVid-19 where our previous plans for an overseas trip together in 2020 totally failed and meeting up was close to impossible to the pandemic happening in Singapore and all around the globe. 

Truly appreciate that Rodney had opened up his place for our steamboat and just meeting up and having casual laughs, heart-to-heart conversations, as well as just simply fun with Nintendo Switch all thanks to WanYing! 😉

Thanks for helping to warm up to some random photos together to commemorate this catch-up! Till the next great one together! 😉 –– #robertchai #roberryarts #friends #gatherings #smuemergenetics #singapore #sg


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